Create text summarization app with flask, Sumy, and W3.CSS

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Today there is a huge collection of information, documents, and blogs, but some of them contain highly repetitive, obscure, and discursive texts giving the reader more time to read, analyze and draw meaningful inferences from those texts.

the advancement of AI and natural language processing tools provide the state-of-art requirement for easier text preprocessing and summarization techniques.

text summarization is used in different fields and devices from our text editors to our mobile phones to shortened long sentences into a more concise format.

simple techniques to deal with the imbalance of data

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What is class imbalance

class imbalance is the unequal distribution and variation of data in machine learning task where one class tend to have more values than the other classes or distributions. the class imbalance can occur as a result of undiverse and biased resampling of data which is due to the collection of data from a single geographical area, or as a result of the nature of the problem such as fraudulent transactions which tend to have a biased distribution of data between the classes because of less occurrence and…

the simple and easiest way of creating machine learning web app using flask and w3css framework

magtech dihub

web-apps provide the pragmatic concept of artificial intelligence and data science by giving an opportunity to learners, data scientists, and researchers to deploy and test their algorithms/models and channel their solutions into real-world scenarios and practice.

parts of the tutorial :

1-create and Train a model
2-create web app using Flask framework.
3-Run and Test the app

Here is the web app link,i used w3css to style my app but you can use bootstrap, CSS, or other CSS frameworks to make it look more presentable. …

How To Control LED With Android phone

in this Arduino project, you will learn how to turn on or off LED with your android phone via Bluetooth.

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1-Arduino Uno
2-HC-5 Bluetooth module
3-LED x 2
4-Jumper Wires

download the Bluetooth controlled app from the google app play store using the link


Applying a robust concept to treat outliers

what are Outliers

Outliers are values in data that differ extremely from a major sample or part of the data, the presence of outliers can significantly reduce the performance and accuracy of a predictable model.

the measure of how good a machine learning model depends on how clean the data is, and the presence of outliers may be a result of errors during the collection of data, but some outliers may be valid and legitimate for example, the comparison of the goal scores of Ronaldo or Messi with other average players or the…

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Natural language processing system poses a huge impact and opportunities in healthcare and precision medicine through the massive availability of unstructured data and leverage on it to improve and optimize the performance and practice of precision medicine. Natural language processing is one of the main branches of Artificial intelligence that deals with the translation of human language and continues to play a big role in the major and strategic aspects of our lives.

The advent of natural language processing system applications such as speech recognition, urgency detection,auto-correct, machine translation, chatbot/virtual assistant, and sentiment analysis has a potent impact on our…

The challenges and solutions of the training algorithm

The advancement of Artificial intelligence was not limited to E-commerce, Chatbots, security, weather forecast but also transcend across countless health care applications and medical concepts.

Artificial intelligence has been widely used in numerous medical applications such as disease prognosis, diagnosis, surgical robots,drugs recommendation, genetic code,expert system and many more.

The used of AI or artificial intelligence has re-defined and modified the present standard medical practice by simplifying the medical concepts and techniques thereby reducing time consuming process and stress for both the patients and the healthcare practitioners.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is the used of complex algorithm and software to…

Solving machine learning problems

Almost every person practicing machine learning has come across overfitting and underfitting, many of us where stuck behind,trying figure out a way to have a good fit or good machine learning model.if you are part of them then congrats because I will surely impact you with short, precise and straight to the point concept of understanding underfitting, overfitting and good fit.

What is underfitting ?

From the word under, it clearly manifests something lesser or not up to standard, requirement, expectation or not enough.

When the machine learning model perform poorly on the test data is called -underfitting

  • Underfitting is when the model exhibit…

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